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The Web Design Teams are dedicated to promoting high quality web design through team cooperation and education.



Ask the team when you have a unsolvable question and you'll be surprised how great of a source of information the WDT is.

What do our members think of the software available for web site authoring?  Just ask.

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What do our members think of YOUR site?  Ask them for comments and find out.

ALL WDT members are encouraged to join in on ALL team activities.





  The Web Design Teams or WDT is a gathering of people from around the world with one common interest ....... building websites.

  Through cooperation and education, using messaging, a Forum, the WDT website, and a great community of website design enthusiasts, we all learn, one from the other.  The WDT really is a great learning center.  Discussions vary and cover all web design topics.

  Flash to Photoshop, Databases to Search Engine Optimization, beginner questions to site scripting validations, you'll find it here.  Now, in our 4th year, the WDT has members in many countries

What can the WDT do for you?

  If you've been unhappy trying to get your website just the way you'd like it, ask our members for a critique and you'll be surprised at what you'll learn.  You may have questions about building a website, ask away.
(WARNING: the members will be honest so don't let your feelings get hurt... it's valuable information.)

  If you want to share your knowledge with other members, we love learning.  If you know nothing about building, read our messages and learn.

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The WDT is open to
everyone and it's all free.

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