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All "Website Enthusiasts" are welcome to join in on this great way to build better web sites.  WDT membership is free and it just takes one email to join.  Message content is restricted to material that is 100% OK for Kids and on the topic of web design.  We have a great team of over 900 members and we are in our 4th year.  Ask questions, listen and learn or help someone with your expertise.  Join in at anytime... more members means more knowledge which makes more sense.
For more information visit our Mission page.

Joining the WDT
 (see "Mission" for more information)

To join the Web Design Teams simply click Subscribe and send a blank email.

The WDT is sponsored in part by YahooGroups!  To see all the features of the WDT or read our latest messages, visit this link: WDT at YahooGroups!

Subscription Management:
Once subscribed you may change how to receive messages.  The "no-mail" option is for web based message viewing
.  Make sure to send the message from the same email address whenever making changes.

Change to Daily Digest
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Change to no-mail

Contact the WDT Team Captain

  1. All content must be 100% OK for Kids.
  2. Offensive, abusive or derogatory messages are not allowed.
  3. Referencing websites containing unsuitable content not allowed.
    This includes all adult and gaming websites.
  4. This last one is a request rather than a rule.
    As members of the WDT we have created a community and many of us have become friends.  We do chat a little on this list but ask you to "try" and keep all message content to the subject of web design.

Once subscribed you will begin to receive messages within a day and may send your own messages any time after that.  New members messages are screened or "moderated" to ensure that no spam or unwanted content gets through to our members.  During this period the delivery of your messages will be delayed until a moderator reads them for approval.  We apologize for this inconvenience but know you'll love it when you become a regular member.  We hope to hear from you today!

Other Important WDT addresses:

WDT Home Page http://WDTonline.com
Post message: WDT@yahoogroups.com
Subscribe: WDT-subscribe@yahoogroups.com
Unsubscribe: WDT-unsubscribe@yahoogroups.com
WDT site at Yahoo! http://groups.yahoo.com/group/WDT

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