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Our Mission

  The WDT is a gathering of web design enthusiasts, beginner to pro, who help each other build better web sites.  The basic concept is simple, answer questions you can and ask questions when you have them.  If I understand Dreamweaver and you understand Java then we can help each other.

We have a team mailing list set up through Yahoo!, which is a direct pipeline to over 900 members who will hear your questions and comments.  Ask a question and one of them is bound to have the answer.


We all have our special web building talents and things we enjoy most about designing a web site.
With that in mind, here is our mission as members of the WDT ...

  • Ask questions when you have them.
  • Answer questions when you can.
  • Promote the WDT so our knowledge base grows.
  • Create something for, or help with, the group website if you can.
    For instance you might redo this page with a new look.
    (you'll get credit like Kert did on the bottom of this page)

first pagemaster   Kert Kley  of