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Designing Purchase Order & Contact Forms

Have you ever been ready to purchase something from a website only to discover that the order form won't accept your name? or address?

An ill-conceived form and database not only prevents some people from using your site/services, it is disrespectful of the visitor. Dare to get your customers name and address information right. It might save your sale. Most of the problems with order or contact forms come about because the form developer expected everyone to have the same sort of information they would be inputting into the form.

Name Fields: Most but not all order forms use separate fields for the purchaser’s name. There are commonly 2 name fields first and last. Yet many people have their middle initial as part of the name as it appears on their credit card. Better to have either just one field or three fields.

Name Field Validation: Since the purchaser’s name is necessary to process an order most developers believe there should be some form of required field validation usually starting with the person's name. Issues in validating names are:



The person who cannot input their information into the form you design whether it be an order form for goods/services or a contact form for feedback/information requests is a person who cannot be a customer. Be respectful of your visitor and give them the opportunity give you the information you need to do business with them.

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