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Layer Dragging Tutorial

by WDT member - Frank Looper
Freelance Web Developer
and all-around interesting guy.

In this tutorial , we will explore how Dreamweaver 3 makes it easier to use DHTML in websites without having to memorize large amounts of code.

This tutorial uses quite a lot of images, which should take about one minute to pre-load on a 56k connection. For best results, please wait until your status bar says "done" before continuing in this tutorial. If you'd like to try this exercise yourself, you may download the images in a single zip file while you're waiting.

We will deal with a complicated-looking, but simply implemented, set of behaviors that allow for dragging and dropping layers. The example given is a child's game, but there are (almost) limitless possibilities.

This lesson was originally written for Dreamweaver 3, but it transfers nicely to version 4.

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