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by WDT member - Violet Carroll

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Now that you have your program open, take a look around, click all the buttons and see what they do... don't be afraid to see what it's all about!

Now let's look at the properties box, which is the smaller one on top:

properties box

The "general" tab is for your account information with your website server. You will notice on the pop-down menu beside "profile name" is a huge list of many different servers, most of which you will never use, so don't let them worry you!

Under the "profile name" is "Host Name/address". This is where you are going to type in your website's ftp address, which we will get to later.

Then there is "Host_Type", generally you will only use "automatic detect", which is about fourth down on the drop-down list. Some servers use a different type of
server, such as Unix, but for the most part you will not run into this with the free providers.

Next is "User ID" then "password", which is your own user ID and password that you use with your free provider.

Ok, now let's fill in all those blanks!
I am going to use the example of Geocities, but you use whatever your site is.

1. Click "New" (beside Profile Name)

2. Profile Name: whatever you want to call it, ex: Geocities (or "my personal site", it's up to you)

3. Host Name/Address: usually,

4. Host_Type: automatic detect

5. User ID: your user ID from the free provider

6. Password: your password

(You can click "save password" to save time, if you wish.)

If you are going through a proxy, insert the information under the "firewall" tab.

That's it! Click "Apply", then "OK" and it will connect to your free provider.
You will hear a "train whistle" sound to let you know you are connected.
If it does not connect, you may have to go to your free provider's help section,
and see if they have different settings for their FTP.

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