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the Image Editor

Save me

Q - 0303001  - This logo that I have needed to be cleaned up quite a bit.
Now I've magnified it in Paint Shop Pro and have fixed it all up.  When I
demagnify it to it's original size and save it, none of the fixing I did is saved.
I've tried to save it as both a .jpg and a .gif and neither one works.

A1 - You may want to chek the file attributes for this logo   (right  click on
image file go to porperties) if it is read only none of the changes will save.
You will  need to change it to archives  and that would solve this problem.

susan k mclaughlin  simon01@athenet.net

A2 - Try downloading IrfanView (freeware) and
use it to resize. It uses an algorithm to resize images that I've never
heard of before, and it works better than anything I've seen. That
and slideshows are the only reason that I use that program, and at
those two things, it really kicks.

Frank Looper  frankl2@home.com

Transparency in GIF

Q - 2702001  - I am in the process of making a web page and I have
taken a picture and made it transparent for the background.
I also have an existing logo with a white background.  When I put the logo
on the background I want the background to show through and get rid of the
white.  Is it possible to do this? Besides Paint Shop Pro I also have
PhotoImpact and Adobe PhotoDeluxe.

A - Yes...use PhotoImpact.  Open your logo image and then click on 'web'
on the top toolbar, then click on image optimizer from the drop down box
that appears.
On the Image Optimizer box, click the 'Mask Options' tab.  Then select
'pick colors' , hold down the control key and move your mouse cursor over
the image on the left side of the Image Optimizer box.  When it changes to an
eye dropper, click on the color you want to be transparent (in this case that
would be the white background).  Just click once on the white color and then
click save as and save your graphic.  This gives it a transparent background.
Make sure there is not any other white on the graphic though or it will turn
transparent also.

Jeff  divorced_male@hotmail.com

GIF Repeat    GIF Repeat

Q - 2302001  - I'd like to have animation on my splash page but
if I do it in GIF format it restarts and I don't want  it to.
Is there a way I can play a GIF once and stop??

A - The GIF itself has a header that says how long the individual
frames appear, and how many times it loops.

The old standard for editing animated GIFs was GIFCON32.

deacon B.  web@master.gen.in.us


Q  2002001 - could someone explain to me (in simple language)
what a slice is in a graphics program and how to use it?

A - Basically, slicing a graphic means cutting it up into smaller pieces,
generally so that parts may have OnMouseOver effects. It also allows you to
do things like cut the middle out of a graphic, and later insert text, or
multimedia right into that space.

If your question relates to Macromedia's Fireworks, it would be well worth
the time to learn how to use this tool. It automates many tedious aspects,
even creating the HTML with your sliced up graphic pieces arranged just how
you had them in the program.

David Jacobs  DavidJ@Skywalker.com    Skywalker.com

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