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SOUNDS great
when it comes to putting audible files on your site,
here are some sound conversations.......


Q - 2402001  - I was wondering if anyone knows of a program
that can reasonably turn a wav file into a midi file.
I understand the limitations of midi with voices, but is there
anything on the market that will even attempt this?

A1 - I've heard some people talk about a program called DigitalEar.
It's supposed to be very good, but I've never actually used it

Jenn  SWPsweete@aol.com.

A2 - Take a look at this product  Cubase VST24
it will convert wave to a midi...but it is a  classic case of overkill for that
one application along with a pretty steep learning curve.. However there are
a lot of products this company puts out and you may find your needs  met
with another less  involved program. Free downloads are available for trial
but most are disabled from saving your  work.

Susan  simon01@athenet.net

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