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FTP Clients

WS FTP - 1003001  - I use WS-FTP-PRO as well and love it.
It performs flawlessly. Its one of the few pieces of shareware I thought
good enough to pay for (and I did).
Sherdyl Motz  sherdyl@sinewave.com

WS FTP - 0803001  - I use WS_FTP Pro to upload my web pages and I
love it.  It looks a lot like windows explorer and I find it very easy to use.
Lea  lhoover@ptialaska.net

File Viewers

IrfanView - 0303001  - Try downloading IrfanView (freeware) and use
it to resize. It uses an algorithm to resize images that I've never heard of before,
and it works better than anything I've seen. That and slideshows are the only
reason that I use that program, and at those two things, it really kicks.
Frank Looper  frankl2@home.com

2102004  - ACDseeInfraView (fastest I've found),
Seattle Filmworks and  Thumbs are all great file viewers
that open quickly. They each have their own great features.
Kert  kgk@MyCreation.com     MyCreation.com

Making Screen Savers

Q - I'm looking for a screensaver program, but I have to be able to use several jpg
pictures, several midi files and if I save it, it should work on all computers! On top
of that it has to stay below 1.41MB because it doesn't fit on a floppy otherwise!!

Hs Screen Saver Creator - 2302001  - A - I am using a
free proggie called HS Screen Saver Creator (Personal Edition).
Glenn Folkvord  folkvord@netcom.no

Macromedia's Fireworks

2102005  - I think Macromedia's Fireworks is hands-down the best graphics
studio for web use. Everything is based around web usage, including the safe
color palate, superior optimization, slicing tools (for taking a large graphic and
"cutting" it up), built in JavaScript support (with point and click behaviors), and
round-trip editing in conjunction with Dreamweaver.
David Jacobs  davidj@skywalker.com  skywalker.com

Micrografx Products

2102003  - I've been using Picture Publisher and Designer for about 2 years
now and prefer it to Corel 8 for most projects. I've upgraded twice now and
they keep getting better. (BTW, now it is called Igrafx Image and Designer) I
use only a portion of the functions. Picture Publisher is compatible with Adobe
plug-ins and effects so you can extend its capabilities even further. Cost is about
$150 for the suite. The only feature missing in PP, or I can't seem to figure out,
that I really like in PSP is the color replace paintbrush. That feature was very useful.
Jeremy Leigh  info@askushow.com  askushow.com

Hit Counters

2102002  - I have found that LinkExchange (Bcentral.com) went downhill after
Microsoft bought it. I've replaced all the counters I have w/those
from beseen.com - while my server offers a terrific statistical
package, beseen's counters are fast, easy, and accurate.
Laurie Gold  laurie@likesbooks.com

2102001  - I have a counter from thecounter.com.  It seems to have
some sort of problem with Netscape users (won't count them, or display the
counter to them). What I liked about it, was that it was nice and smooth...the
graphic looked like a nice, normal part of the text the counter was in, and that
it  kept good track of visitors (except Netscape users...) Anyone know of a
good solution to this? And no, I'm not able to use CGI-type stuff on my server.
Larva the Everclear  larva@tbcnet.com>

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